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Driving Resources

 Driving can be anxiety-producing for many people, including those on the autism spectrum. Demands such as multitasking, coordination, sharp reflexes, sensory regulation, and a solid understanding of traffic rules and expectations can be a lot to manage for both drivers and passengers. These materials focus on what to expect during traffic stops and are designed for drivers, passengers, and police officers. We hope you find them helpful! 

Police Traffic Stops (As a Driver)

Police Traffic Stops (As a Passenger)

Traffic Stops

This video (1 min 42 seconds) is a news clip discussing a police department training session in Plano, Texas that was conducted to help police officers understand the communication needs of autistic drivers during traffic stops. A driver with autism shares his experience after being pulled over, mentioning sensory stimuli such as sirens, lights and loud police radios. It is a brief video highlighting the importance of police autism training.

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