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First Responders

Our founding service – we've designed training in conjunction with a parent of an individual with ASD, a sibling, and a local autism community group. Collectively, PACT has trained thousands of first responders, including police officers, firefighters, and school resource officers, across the United States and internationally. Our trainings can be adapted to meet the needs of your department.  We are available for consultation to help you with this process. 



Are you a local department looking for training in Autism Spectrum Disorder?

We have three options:



A PACT team member will come and train your department in-person.

Ready to reach out?



Use our materials to deliver PACT in your own community. Great for a parent or community member who feels confident in helping their police department learn more about autism.



Prefer a digital experience?


Request information about our online PACT option. 

Regardless of which option you choose, know that we will be providing you with resources and materials as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our training takes a minimum of two hours, but can be up to six hours if given the opportunity. Fill out a contact form today!

We have created a comprehensive, one-stop Resource Guide for first responders.  Here you will find information about trainings, resources and other helpful materials.

The University of Michigan-Flint has created a guide for first responders to host their very own Officer Friendly Day for autistic individuals and their families. 

De-escalation Training Guide

PACT has created a training guide for first responders that highlights the strategies of de-escalation. By modeling positive behaviors, first responders can create a safe and supportive community for autistic individuals and their families! 

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Police Symbol Board

Visual Communication Board

Autism Brochure

Visual Supports Module

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