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We believe that a proactive approach to safety and emergency preparedness is one of the most important things for individuals with autism. We can support you in ensuring your local first responders are aware of the needs of your family, supporting your loved one with autism in appropriate identification and sharing of personal information, and connecting you with safety resources and plans.

Family Resource Guide

We have created an easy-to-follow guide for families and individuals to use. There you will find different resources, activities, and other materials to help prepare.

Playing Video Games

A few of our favorite
Family Resources!

'About Me' Worksheet

About me image

Safety and Wandering Prevention Checklist

About me image

Autism Family guide

About me image
Family Together
Our group believes in not only training our first responders, but also our Autism Community. This means helping families, self-advocates, and caregivers understand how best to prepare their loved one for a safe encounter with a first responder.

Please fill out the contact form to set up a consultation on how best to prepare for an emergency situation.

Video Resources

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